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Their ability to de-mystify insurance coverages, clarify options and rectify related problems at both the commercial and government-subsidized levels has contributed significantly to the implementation of patients services that might not otherwise have.

I’ve struggled with a developmental disability since birth, and it’s been a long, hard road. When we received the denial letter from MassHealth, it caused me and my parents much unwanted stress. So, as you might imagine, we were quite relieved to have your assistance navigating the complicated health insurance system. All your time and effort are much appreciated. Thank you!

It truly takes a village to raise a child with special needs and if it weren’t for people like you and members of the Autism Insurance Resource Center, our family and families like ours would not be where we are today. Every day we think of you and are so grateful and appreciative for the love you show to so many kiddos who struggle to find their own voice and to parents who struggle to find the strength to advocate for their own children.

Please know that what you and the legion of others that have championed this cause with you have have crafted, lobbied for and ultimately passed, is truly an epic achievement. The treatment now available under this legislation is an integral reason my son continues to have the opportunity to live at home, stay in his community and remain in his school. Period. Other than maybe donating a life saving organ to somebody, I don’t know how much more ‘real’ or meaningful it gets when it comes to the wellbeing of a child and family in chronic crisis.

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