Apex K Home Care ABA program

Apex K Home Care ABA program AKABA

August 20, 2018 0

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Contact Information

Contact: Johnson Karue, Administrator
Email Address: akaba@akaba.care.org
Phone: 774-243-1179

23 Midstate Drive Suite 214 Auburn, MA 01501
Area Served: Central

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 Apex K Home Care provides services to help children, young adults, and the families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Our convenient, in-home services are appropriate for children as young as two years old, to age of 21. Apex K Home Care uses Applied Behavioral Analiysis, a scientifically-validatedbehavioral approach to helping individuals develop and build on their personal, academic, and social skills. 

The skill domains Apex K can help with include:

  • Play Skills: Play skills serve as the foundation for many other skills such as fine motor skill development, gross motor skill development, and social skills. Children with autism sometimes need guidance in developing play skills that will lead to enhancement of other important development.
  • Life Skills: According to age and ability, these skills may include dressing, toileting, feeding, and enhancing a sense of self worth by being able to help more around the home and on the job training.
  • Motor Skills: This includes gross motor skills (movement, strength, balance, coordination) and fine motor skills (drawing, writing, eating utensils).
  • Language Skills: This includes various forms of communication, verbal, picture exchange, sign language, and use of assistive technology.
  • Socialization: This includes promotion of social skills and appropriate behavior both at home and in the community.
  • Generalization: Apex K therapists make sure that clients are not just learning skills for one task, in one setting. We help individuals learn their skills in a way that can be generalized across variable situations that they may encounter throughout life.

Service Types

  • After School Programs
  • Mental Health
  • Nursing
  • Skills Training
  • Socialization Activities

Insurances Accepted

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MA
  • Boston Medical Center Health Plan
  • CIGNA Healthcare of Massachusetts
  • Fallon Community Health Plan
  • Neighborhood Health Plan

Program Type

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Education
  • Home Health/Personal Care

Populations Served

  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Mental Illness

Ages Served

  • 3 - 4
  • 5 - 8
  • 9 - 13
  • 14 - 18
  • 19 - 22

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Accessibility Features

  • Able to serve clients in their wheelchair
  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Restrooms
  • Services at Home

Additional Information

  • Accredited By: CHAP
  • Fees: MassHealth, Medicare, Private Insurance
  • Licensed By: MEDICARE